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AccessBET Nigeria odds review


AccessBET odds and code is a simple and convenient system for determining your desired bet. By the odds, you learn the amount and probability of potential winnings. And by code, you quickly understand what bets are meant. Let us analyze AccessBET codes for all matches in our article.

AccessBET for all matches

AccessBET match code may seem confusing at first, but it's easy to remember and apply. The designations are the same as those in other offices. They can be seen above the match line, in the odds table header. accessbet code and odds

Main are 1x2 bets. One means the victory of the first team, 2 is the victory of the second team. X is a draw.

Over/Under - bet on "more" or "less" a certain number of goals. For example, Ov0.5 means betting that the number of goals scored in the match will be more than 1. Un0.5 stands for betting that no goals will be scored in the game.

Draw No Bet - this bet indicates that a player wins if his team wins the match. In case of a draw, the player receives the stake back. If the club loses, the bet is lost.

Handicap - one of the teams gets a forum. Say, if the handicap is +1, then one goal is added to the total score. Here you predict which team will win and the added or subtracted fora help win the bet.

HT/FT - AccessBET soccer codes to win at half-time and the end. A team must win in the first half and in the whole match for this bet to win.

Correct score means the exact score for the match. You can guess the score of the whole fight or half of the game.

Half Time is the series of stakes associated with the first half of the match. A player can bet on the winner, on over/under, draw no bet, etc. Second half - all bets on the second half of the match.

Odd/Even - the number of goals scored in the whole match or in the half time.

Combo, DC Combo, Combo HT, DC Combo 2H - AccessBET fixtures and odds are made up of two bets: 1x2 + over/under or 1x2 + GG/NG and so on. GG/NG is a forecast of whether both teams will score in the match or not.

3Combo - 3 bets are combined.

More Goals - in which half of the match, more goals will be scored. Multigoal - This is the betting that predicts how many goals will be scored.

Extra Bets - usually refers to the betting of who scores the first or last goal.

Home - this is a series of bets, connected with the home team. Away - this bet is linked to the "guests".

Chance Mix - here two or more AccessBET codes and their meaning are also combined, as in Combo.

No bet - a double stake must be predicted. If the first outcome loses, but the second result is correct, the player will get the stake back. And accordingly, he will win if both results come true.

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Other questions about codes

How to check AccessBET code? Go to the website, open bet slip here named coupon and find check button. Enter your bet code for checking.

Where to get AccessBET code? Open your bet slip/coupon with made bets and push Book button. Then you get needed bet code.

How to get AccessBET code? At the site per bet slip. Or you can ask your friend for bet code.